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Manage, track, and reward employee volunteering in one place and inspire your employees to engage in their community.

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Seamless volunteer event management

Easily create volunteer events that employees can register for directly within their mobile app.

Easy volunteer logging

Employees can log their volunteer hours directy in the Groundswell app within seconds.

Manage volunteer matching

Build a more equitable program by running a dollars-for-doers program that provides charitable grants to employees who log volunteer hours.

You’re safe with us

All your data is aggregated and anonymized as Groundswell is SOC 2 compliant and exeeds the compliance standards of Global Fortune 500 clients. Learn more in us.aicpa.org

Corporate philanthropy resources

Easily find the information you need to make key decisions and stay on the pulse of corporate philanthropy.
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5 Benefits of Donor-Advised Funds for Corporations

Here are numerous reasons why donor-advised funds (DAFs) are the fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the United States. They combine versatility, flexibility and simplicity when it comes to reporting to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Their appeal is widening …
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Determining Your Corporate Donation Budget: How Much Should You Donate To Charity?

When a company donates to charitable causes, they benefit in several different ways beyond doing good for the community. Charitable donations pay off in goodwill and reputation, deeper community connections, better customer relations and increased employee engagement and retention. That’s …
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Donor-Advised Funds: Tax Benefits for Givers

Donor-Advised Funds’ tax benefits are widely known and well documented, and are one reason why the popularity of DAFs has surged in recent years. However, how do DAFs actually work, and what tax benefits do they create? Let’s get into …
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