Corporate Giving Reimagined

Groundswell democratizes philanthropic giving. We make charity an employee benefit that unlocks a company’s purpose by decentralizing corporate philanthropy and giving users the power of a personal foundation in the palm of their hand.

A Leg Up in the Talent War

Groundswell makes charity a new pillar of compensation. Our platform offers the ability to bankroll employee charitable giving through both gifting and matching – a perk that attracts values-driven employees and improves morale.

Leverage Philanthropy For Employee Engagement

Your corporate CSR priorities may not align with what matters most to your employees, leaving them disengaged. Groundswell enables employees to feel seen and heard by inviting them to pick the problems and solutions they want to address.

Moving DEI from Talk to Action

Groundswell puts a company’s diversity front and center. By taking corporate philanthropy decisions out of board rooms and giving them to employees, companies can demonstrate their respect for the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of their people.

Know What Your People Care About

Our real-time data helps executives understand the issues and causes a company’s employees support, helping them better navigate employee expectations to speak and take action on social issues.


Groundswell enables you to roll out a tax-advantaged charitable giving account to each employee and fuel their giving through gift and match options.

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minimize taxes

Minimize Taxes, Maximize Impact

Corporate contributions into Groundswell accounts are tax deductible, and employees never have to pay taxes on the funds they grant.

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One-Click Reporting

Real-time dashboards delivering insights on employee participation, sentiment, and engagement on issues.


Trusted Charity Recommendations

Access to 1.5M charities with personalized recommendations based on our proprietary data and each employee’s values.

less admin

Less Admin, More Strategy

Set and forget administrative configurations that are out-of-the-box integrated into your business’ tech stack.

What Leaders Are Saying

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Thomas Gaissmaier

Global Chief Human Resource Officer (Formerly Match Group, 21st Century Fox, Boston Consulting Group)

“I think the idea to simplify corporate giving to put it in employee’s hands, and potentially make it a benefits offering for a company is extremely compelling.”

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Layla Kajer

Director of Internal Communications & Community, Greenhouse

“It makes donating easy. Creating small habits that add up over time, in the same way you would for a 401k, I think that’s going to be a game changer. It should really be like, let’s democratize that, and really listen to and trust our employees to be making good decisions.”