Make philanthropy
an executive benefit

Provide senior leaders with a modern donor-advised fund and make philanthropy a component of their total compensation package.

Giving back starts at the top

Provide senior leaders with a tax-advantaged donor-advised fund.

Both the executive and the company can deposit tax-deductible gifts into the account

Executives can invest the balance of their account for tax-free growth

Executives can send grants to charity at any time
Reduce Payroll Taxes
Corporate contributions to executive accounts are not imputed income.
Avoid capital gains taxes
Executives can contribute appreciated corporate stock to fund their account – helping to avoid capital gains taxes.
Zero Fees
Grants from executive accounts are sent to charity with 0% transaction fees.
Total privacy
Admins are unable to see which nonprofits individual executives support.

Solutions for companies

Executives can defer a portion of their annual bonus into their account.

Provide executives with nonprofit board service stipends.

Provide executives with charitable budgets to support client events.

Run customized executive programs with higher gift and match limits.

Juneteenth family celebrating together around the dinner table

Family accounts

Executives can add their spouses and children to their account with customizable granting privileges.

*Coming soon

Resource: Donor-advised fund as a benefit

Here’s a comprehensive guide to why you should consider providing a DAF as a benefit.