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Unlock personal giving accounts

Employees can save, donate, and track all of
their giving funds in one place on an easy to use mobile app.

Make a bigger impact

Groundswell provides employees a Personal Giving Account, powered by a Donor-Advised Fund.

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Gifts and matches

Companies help employees make an even bigger impact by providing gifts and matches into an employee’s giving account.

Automatic giving

Employees have options like payroll direct deposit and monthly ACH transfer to fund their Groundswell accounts.

Track impact

Employees can see a record of all their giving history at any time and receive one single tax receipt at the end of the year. Best of all, they can take it with them if they leave the company.

Charity advisor on the go

Recommended charities

Groundswell recommends vetted charities that are relevant to your interests.

Informed giving

Charity profiles provide you with information to make informed decisions.

Charity selections

Over 1.5 million IRS qualified charities to choose from.

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