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Increase your
employee engagement & productivity

Connect with your employees better through corporate giving.

Here's the truth..

Corporate giving can increase engagement by up to 7.5%,  productivity by 13%, and reduce turnover by 50% (

Why you should use Groundswell

With Groundswell’s platform, we save your team the stress of running a gifting and matching program resulting to higher engagement.

Companies are able to empower employees by providing a tax-advantaged Personal Giving Account to employees, like a 401(k) or HSA for charitable giving.

Easy set-up

We get your corporate giving program up and running within 1 week.

Inclusive and equitable

With Groundswell, companies demonstrate their respect for the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of their people.

Insights and reporting

Understand the causes your employees care about and report on company-wide impact.

Eliminate administrative burden

Save hundreds of hours and leave the busy work to us like collecting donation receipts or vetting for charities.

The experience your employees will love..

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