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Spotlight: The Hidden Genius Project

Published January 2, 2023 | by Resty | 2 mins read
the hidden genius project nonprofit

For National Mentoring Month, Groundswell highlights the Hidden Genius Project.

Founded in 2012, the Hidden Genius Project came together when five men sought after higher employment for Black communities by establishing programs that connect the youth with skilled, experienced mentors.

HGP trains and mentors Black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.

Join us in congratulating and thanking the Hidden Genius Project for the impact they’ve made on communities all across the nation.

Learn more about the Hidden Genius Project programs:

  • Intensive Immersion
  • Catalyst Programs
  • Community Partner
  • Youth Education
  • Alumni Venture Seed Fund
  • Uber Career Prep Program

Envisioning a Future with More Black Entrepreneurs and Technologists

In 2019, the Hidden Genius Project laid out a strategy plan for growth. As a fast-growing, innovative organization, they envisioned themselves becoming the global leader in Black male youth development.

Their plan to become the leading incubator of dynamic young Black male entrepreneurs and technologists has come a long way since launching its flagship program, Intensive Immersion.

With only $1,500 and a staff of volunteers, their organization grew from serving five students in 2012 to 1478 by 2018.

The Hidden Genius Project continues expanding its operation from its roots in Oakland, CA and the Bay Area. By 2025, HGP aims to open the Intensive Immersion program in five more cities, bringing the total to 10 sites.

National Mentoring Month

Since January is National Mentoring Month, a nationally recognized time to spread awareness about the importance of mentoring, we’re showcasing the positive impact nonprofits like the Hidden Genius Project have on the lives of people. 

In addition to raising awareness, this month is also a time to help inspire and motivate people to become mentors, especially for younger generations. It is also a time to create or support existing mentorship programs at companies and other organizations.

Donate to the Hidden Genius Project on the Groundswell app.

Follow The Hidden Genius Project on social media:

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