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Increase Impact With Corporate Grants

Published July 11, 2023 | by Rebecca Holliday | 3 mins read

Corporate philanthropy is table stakes – as businesses are judged not just by profits and market shares, but also on the impact they make on society and the world at large. With more and more companies embracing corporate philanthropy strategies, the need for efficient, hassle-free, and impactful approaches has never been greater. With CSR budgets strained, and teams facing competing pressures, it’s important to streamline elements of a company’s corporate philanthropy strategy by combining employee giving, volunteerism, as well as corporate-level grantmaking. At Groundswell, we’re spearheading the movement to make corporate grants more efficient, impactful, and accessible. 

With our platform, companies can administer corporate grants akin to having a corporate foundation, but without the associated administrative burden or cost. Running a corporate foundation is no small feat. It involves significant administrative work, legal compliance, and financial investment. Groundswell eliminates these hurdles, providing you with the grant-making functionality of a corporate foundation without the associated overhead. Our platform is designed to seamlessly handle all the back-end work while you focus on selecting deserving nonprofits, allowing you to put your energy into the more important aspects of a strategic nonprofit partnership.

We also cut down on the hassle of getting money to nonprofits – which is a win-win on both sides. In traditional corporate grant-making, the process of disbursing funds can be laborious. With Groundswell, you don’t have to worry about cutting checks and ensuring they reach the right organizations. All you need to do is choose your recipients, decide the grant amount, and provide any additional notes. We take care of the disbursement to nonprofits for you, with a commitment to getting the funds to the nonprofits within a few days of initiating a grant, making sure that the funds are put to good use promptly. 

Another pain point in the grant-making process is the distribution fee often charged, which reduces the amount of funds that reach the designated nonprofits. At Groundswell, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of your funds reach the nonprofits you want to support. That’s right, we never charge a distribution fee on grants.

All of these efficiencies are designed to create the time and space for you and your company to focus on what matters most – selecting the best nonprofit partners, and deepening the strategic relationship in ways that align with your broader philanthropic strategy – perhaps through volunteerism or other engagement. You can also turn your energy to ways in which corporate grants can be used to complement your employee giving program; for example, some companies send larger grants to the top 5 nonprofits receive the most support from employees  – aligning your corporate philanthropic dollars with what matters most to your employees. 

Corporate grants, as a part of a comprehensive corporate philanthropy strategy, can help companies increase their impact on the world. And when coupled with employee matching and gifting, the potential impact is even more substantial. At Groundswell, we’re committed to help eliminate the barriers that often hamper efficient and effective grant-making, letting companies focus on what truly matters.

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