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6 Ways to Modernize Your Corporate Giving Program this Holiday Season

Published October 19, 2022 | by Rebecca Holliday | 5 mins read
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GivingTuesday is a global movement unleashing the power of people and organizations focused on transforming their communities and the world. In 2021, donations to global charities reached an incredible $2.7 billion from GivingTuesday, demonstrating how inspirational the movement has become.

Now more than ever employees want their values to align with their company’s values. 

In February 2022, Groundswell polled over a thousand executive-level leaders and employees working at Fortune 500 companies about how they perceive their corporate philanthropy. Sixty percent of employees said that if their company provided them with a stipend for charitable giving, it would lead to better alignment between the company’s values and its employees, inspiring more altruistic actions.

The problem is, today’s offerings for a corporate giving program are outdated and don’t fully recognize the unique perspectives and passions of each employee. Not to mention that the administrative burden of running a program can be a nightmare.

How can you modernize your corporate giving program?

Since 74% of Americans contribute to charities each year, employees have a high degree of respect for companies that offer an easy corporate giving program as an employee benefit.

If you want your company to be known as a leader of innovation in corporate philanthropy, here are six ways to encourage employees to make a big impact this GivingTuesday in a modern way:

1. Decentralize your corporate philanthropy.

Consider giving a percentage of your corporate grants straight to employees. Every employee is diverse – representing different cultures, backgrounds, religions, and lived experiences. The causes they are passionate about and the charities they want to support should reflect that diversity. Many employer-sponsored giving programs are restricted to a handful of “priority” cause areas or featured nonprofits chosen by company executives – preventing employees from giving to what they feel most connected to. Groundswell’s platform gives your employees the power to choose from over 1.5 million registered charities.

2. Make your giving program equitable and inclusive.

If you have an existing giving program, chances are it is neither equitable nor inclusive. It likely requires your employees to submit details about the donations they want to make to receive a company match. And perhaps employees are only limited to a certain category of charities. Groundswell turns the old model on its head by providing a modern donation experience that centers on your employees and empowers them to choose where they want to donate, with no additional steps to claim their match and no questions asked. They can be fully in control of the way they want to support the causes they care most about.

3. Jump-start the holiday giving spirit with a “gift to give.”

In addition to the existing matching or gifting program you may have, a special gift to kick off an end-of-year giving campaign can motivate and inspire employees to be equally generous. With Groundswell’s platform, you can pre-load funds into an employee’s giving account and they can choose where to donate on their own time.

4. Remove the red tape and year-end receipt gathering.

The sheer administrative burden of many corporate giving programs means that billions of dollars are left unclaimed. The simplicity of Groundswell is that employees do not have to send any follow-up paperwork to their employer after they click that “donate” button. And program administrators don’t have the burden of vetting charities or submitting matching donations. It’s a streamlined process – free of receipts or other paperwork – that gives your employees the confidence that they can have an impact on the causes they care most about at the end of the year.  

5. Spark shared social responsibility.

Since your employee base is your most valuable resource, empowering your team to donate through Groundswell can inspire a shared sense of social responsibility. Perhaps you have Veterans who can help shine a light on supporting mental health nonprofits that serve the veteran community; or, perhaps an employee from the Gulf Coast can share details of what it’s like to be impacted by a hurricane.

6. Provide inspiration to your employees on where they can give.

While many employees may know where they want to donate, it also helps to give them some additional inspiration – or introduce them to nonprofits they might not be aware of. Groundswell’s impact team works to research and vet amazing nonprofits that are working tirelessly across a diverse range of cause areas – found in the Spotlight area of the Groundswell app dashboard. If you want to see more ideas, check out our GivingTuesday toolkit that features additional inspiration on how to engage your employees in an end-of-year giving campaign.

Interested in modernizing your company’s giving program this year?

Groundswell can help you get a corporate giving program up and running in less than two weeks. Through Groundswell’s platform, you can pre-load funds from your company into a Personal Giving Account for employees before GivingTuesday.

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