We build bridges between companies and nonprofits

We envision a future where every solution is funded and every problem is solved.
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Why we exist

We believe in a future where every solution is funded and every problem is solved by creating a movement meant to maximize our impact in the world.

We’re here to empower a new generation of modern philanthropists with the tools they need to make the most impact. At Groundswell, we believe innovation will drive the change we want to see.

Our values

We hope to inspire real action to make a big difference. The old way of supporting the causes we care about is outdated, and it’s time to disrupt that.

We foster a high-trust culture.

Integrity, trust, and respect are table stakes for our team.

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We embrace diversity.

We value diversity not for its own sake but because we staunchly believe different experiences and perspectives will make us better. Oh, and we think diverse workplaces are simply more fun and interesting.

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We value high competence, but low ego.

Your pedigree isn’t what will earn you respect around here. Your competence and humility will. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re coming from the School of Hard Knocks or an Ivy League.

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We believe we can change the world.

If you don’t have an unabashed belief that you can make the world a better place, then you should go work at Amazon and help ship cat food faster.

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We work smarter and harder.

Our mission is too important and vision too bold to simply show up and mail it in. You must enjoy the hustle and grind. Don’t expect rest and vest joy ride.

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We celebrate. We have fun.

We want teammates that we are eager to see on Monday morning because they make our lives richer.

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We never stop learning.

We seek and give feedback, not for agreement or consensus, but to get to the best idea. Groupthink leads to Groupsink.

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Join the dream team

We pride ourselves on creating a company where people love to work. Our growing team is always looking for new perspectives to help us build the future.
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Perks and benefits

Truly competitive salaries & bonus opportunities
We believe good work should be rewarded.
Modern space
Comfortable and ergo-friendly workstations, private/collaborative workspaces. Our workspace caters to your preferences.
We all have skin in the game.
Office perks
Full kitchen, catered meals, snacks and drinks, and great walkable amenities. We missed that watercooler talk in 2020.
Wellness stipend
Your health and wellness are a priority.
Happy hours and team days
We love the opportunity to hang out with each other.
Unlimited PTO
It’s important to unplug and recharge.
Health benefits
100% company-paid health benefits for employees.
Does this sound like a place where you can do your best work? Do we sound like people you’d have fun working with?
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