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Corporate giving
made easy

Save your team the stress of running a gifting and matching program.

Why Groundswell?

With Groundswell’s platform, you can leave the busy work to us, like collecting donation receipts or vetting charities. With over 1.5M qualified nonprofits for employees to donate to, they can have a choice in where they make the most impact.

Easy set-up

We get your corporate giving program up and running faster than anyone else.

Insights and reporting

Understand the causes your employees care about and report on company-wide impact.

Valuable program resources

Find resources around key issue areas and spend less time researching where to give during key moments.

Built for privacy.
Learn why it matters.

There are countless issues that employees may want to keep private. Groundswell lets them. In addition, we make sure companies’ and employees’ information are safe and secure.
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HRIS integration

We help HR teams automate and streamline their corporate giving programs.
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Made for employees

Employees love the experience of giving through an app that’s quick to setup, easy to use, and simple to manage.
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Reduce corporate brand risk

Groundswell eliminates a company’s affiliation with the nonprofits their employees choose to donate.
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A corporate foundation at no extra charge

Companies can leverage Groundswell for all of its corporate grant making in addition to employee gifting and matching.

A new approach to employee giving

Groundswell’s Personal Giving Accounts are powered by Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) held by the Groundswell Charitable Foundation.
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What was great about implementing Groundswell was it gave us a modern, easy-to-use program that immediately leveled the playing field between us and the largest financial institutions on the planet.

Chris Hughes
COO, Axonic Capital
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…this was the best way to connect a diverse team with causes that matter most to each of them. I want to be a part of running a company that is creating a give-back culture, and my hope is that others who want to be a part of that will join us and those who are already here will be inspired to stay.

Garland Harwood
Cofounder & PR strategist, Confidant.
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Groundswell’s customer success team made implementation really easy. In just a few calls we were able to get up and running quickly—just in time for giving season

Kendra Larsen
Sr. Director of Human Resources, ESS, Inc.

Corporate philanthropy resources

Easily find the information you need to make key decisions and stay on the pulse of corporate philanthropy.
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