Meet your new
corporate foundation.
It’s your employees.

Get a higher return on your CSR by making charity an employee benefit – not only will it benefit the community, it’ll benefit your bottom line.

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Thomas Gaissmaier

Global Chief Human Resource Officer
(Formerly Match Group, 21st Century Fox, Boston Consulting Group)

“I think the idea to simplify corporate giving to put it in employee’s hands, and potentially make it a benefits offering for a company is extremely compelling.”

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Layla Kajer

Director of Internal Communications & Community, Greenhouse

“Let’s trust our employees to be the best agents of our corporate philanthropy”

Add Groundswell to your benefits package
in just a few clicks.

Easy Setup

Provide your employee list and preferred corporate giving rules.
We handle the rest.

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Groundswell creates a Personal Giving Account for each employee.

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Choose your corporate giving, matching, and limit rules.

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Learn which causes your employees care most about.

Groundswell Benefits

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Retain & Attract Talent

In the race to roll out more differentiated benefits packages, Groundswell offers the ability to bankroll employee charitable giving through both gifting and matching – a perk that attracts values-driven employees and improves employer brand.

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Easy Implementation

Unlike traditional matching platforms, Groundswell directs your matches automatically to an employee’s tax-deductible Personal Giving Account so they can give twice as much money to charity when and where they choose – eliminating the hassle of submitting receipts to CSR and chasing forms from HR.

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Fully Tax-Advantaged

Employer contributions into the employee Personal Giving Account (powered by a Donor-Advised Fund) are fully deductible charitable contributions, and because the funds are deposited directly into Groundswell, employees never have to pay payroll taxes and their charitable dollars can grow tax-free.

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Remote Work, Remote Impact

In today’s remote and hybrid work environment, Groundswell allows employees to direct a company’s charity where it matters most: where they live and work.

Finally, a benefit with impact.

Corporate Giving Powered by GroundSwell
  • Employees allocate a portion of their payroll into their Personal Giving Account, just like a 401k.

  • Automatically match contributions to your employee’s Personal Giving Account.

  • Employees choose when to give from their Personal Giving Account to the causes they care most about.

  • Receive one tax statement for your corporate giving.

  • See meaningful real-time analytics.

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