CSR giving solutions
for small business

Groundswell offers an out-of-the-box CSR solution at an affordable price. Go live today and delight your employees by tomorrow.
65% of Fortune 500 companies offer employee donation matching & volunteer opportunities.
 We were built so you can too.  
Implement in hours, not months
Legacy providers take 3-4 months to set up. We can get you up and running in hours.
Set it and forget it administration
Start your social impact program and leave all the admin work to us.
Affordably priced
We think CSR should be accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes.
Monthly customer success content
Your success is our success. You’ll receive monthly content from our team to drive employee engagement.

Trusted by modern companies

One place to effortlessly manage your social impact programs

Easily set up your employee matching, gifting, and volunteer programs.


Automatically match funds into a Personal Giving Account for your employees.


Send a charitable stipend to your employee’s giving accounts during moments that matter like a work anniversary or promotion.

Corporate Grants

You can leverage Groundswell for all of your corporate grant making in addition to employee gifting and matching.


Employees can discover and register for volunteer events and receive volunteer matches, all within the app.


See the status and utilization of your giving program. Real-time data helps you understand the causes employees support.

Decentralizing philanthropy increases impact

FOH Inc., a food services and hospitality design leader, wanted to involve and empower employees at their company in their corporate philanthropy.

After implementing Groundswell, FOH saw 70% participation in their giving program demonstrating the value of choice and empowerment to their employees.

You’re safe with us

All your data is aggregated and anonymized as Groundswell is SOC 2 compliant and exeeds the compliance standards of Global Fortune 500 clients. Learn more in us.aicpa.org