Is Cybergrants the best corporate giving platform for you?

Is CyberGrants accessible for all companies?

Not exactly. CyberGrants primarily serves large enterprises like PayPal, Nationwide Insurance, Target, and Walmart. They offer a suite of solutions in their plans such as giving, volunteering, grants, and more.

The reality is many companies don’t fully utilize all of CyberGrant’s features and end up paying a premium for the full suite.

How expensive is CyberGrants?

Annual licensing fees start at a minimum of $75,000+. On top of that, there are also additional fees for implementation and distributing donations.

  • Implementation fees: $50,000 (minimum)
  • Distribution fees: 2.90%

How long does it take to implement CyberGrants?

CyberGrants takes about 20 weeks (4 months) or more to implement.

How effective is CryberGrants at increasing employee engagement?

While CyberGrants offers giving and volunteering features, they lack some capabilities that can impact a good employee experience.

  • Privacy on donations. For many people, their philanthropy is deeply personal and inspired by lived experiences. For that reason, they don’t participate in a company’s giving program because they need to disclose where they’ve donated. This can make them feel that the program isn’t inclusive and equitable.
  • Easy donation process. Submitting donation receipts to HR teams can be a burden to employees causing too many barriers to entry.

Did you know: Nonprofits today prefer donations over volunteers

Is CyberGrants a good fit for you?

If your company doesn’t plan to use all of CyberGrants platform features, it’s likely not a good fit because of their high fees.

For a  no-frills and more affordable solution for your company, Groundswell may be a better fit for you.

Groundswell, a better alternative

With Groundswell, we offer far better pricing regardless of company size.

  • Annual licensing fees: *start at $10,000
  • Implementation fees: $0 (forever)
  • Distribution fees: 1%

Our platform is simple and easy. We provide:

  • Mobile-friendly app for employees. Employees can save, donate, and track all their donations in one place. See the employee experience here.
  • Tax-advantaged Personal Employee Giving Accounts. Groundswell provides accounts powered by  Donor-Advised Funds (DAF).
  • Admin-free burden. Admin teams can manage their giving program in one platform and don’t have to collect any receipts.

We also think it shouldn’t take months to have your company start giving. We can get you live within a week.