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Track All of Your Recurring Donations in One Place

Published July 29, 2022 | by Groundswell | 1 min read
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Introducing Recurring Donations Using Groundswell

Recurring donations are a great way to establish or enrich your relationship with specific charities. When charities can depend on regular donors, they are better able to plan for the future and can more accurately target their fundraising efforts. Consistent donations enable them to continue their important work.

How do I get started?

Using the app, find the charity you wish to support, and select recurring donation from the charity details page. Once you input your donation amount, select the monthly cadence for your donation to be sent.

But, I already have recurring donations set up with individual charities. Why use Groundswell?

Move your recurring donations into Groundswell to manage all of your charitable giving in one place. You can track your total impact and will receive one tax receipt at year end.

Happy Giving!

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