Meet Daniel Covelli

  • Groundswell
  • November 23, 2021

Describe your journey to Groundswell in two sentences. 

My time in college gave me a profound understanding of two often competing world views, technological innovation and a demand for better institutions. I chose to work at Groundswell because it sits at the intersection of these two interests by providing much needed funding to nonprofits via great software. 

What is a cause you are most motivated by and where can we learn more? 

One area that I am deeply interested in is clean energy research on college campuses. I think one of the only ways we can solve the impending ecological crisis is by creating cheaper, more efficient green alternatives to the existing energy and transportation solutions that currently exist. If you can, the best way to support this cause is by giving back to your alma mater’s science or engineering departments. Another way you can help is by giving to a stem education non-profit like Girls Who Code, Project Lead the Way, or First Robotics so that our young people have the tools needed to solve the global problems of tomorrow.

What makes you excited to show up to work on Monday morning? 

I am excited to show up to work on Mondays because I get to learn new stuff almost everyday and work on problems that directly contribute to a better world.  

What’s the last thing you’ve read, listened to, or watched?

The last thing I read was Blitzscaling by Chris Yeh and Reid Hoffman. The authors argue that companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Paypal are all marked by a period of exponential organizational and user growth known as blitzscaling and that this phase is critical for mature startups in consumer tech.

Where can we connect with you?


  • Groundswell
  • November 23, 2021